Paranormal investigating has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, thanks in part to television shows like Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story and others.

Many parts of the country are being explored for signs of the paranormal and Lehigh Valley is no exception. Having been around for centuries, it should be no surprise that our area is home to an exceptional number of “haunted” locations and more than a few “true-life” horror stories.

Discover Lehigh Valley, the official DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) of Lehigh Valley has partnered with many local destinations to accommodate paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

We would like to thank author Ken Biddle, for his kind permission in allowing us to use some of his research found in Haunted Lehigh Valley in our marketing materials.

Be careful on your journey through this site and haunted Lehigh Valley. And remember, sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.
See for yourself.